Thursday, January 24, 2013

God's Working in the Hearts of Many

'I don't know if you remember our Christmas video, but there is some cool unexpected followup from it.  Mathieu shared the video with the men on his rig...and it impacted this one guy Jimmy in a big way.  Below is the video, and the chat conversation Mat and I had tonight.'  
 ~Cathy Lemay

Here is the video in case you didn't see it:

 The Wait of Daddy's Return- for Christmas

Our chat conversation tonight:  

me:  What about Jimmy...?

 Mathieu: well, he was telling my the other night that when he got home, he bragged about me and my family for two weeks

 me:  Oh boy.
Lots to live up to

 Mathieu:  telling people how i solved the boats electrical problems and how beautiful my family is and then he showed everyone our video.
He is single and said we gave him hope for a family like ours of his own someday

 me:  Hey...hope he knows it took JESUS to get this way!  

 Mathieu:  i told him that.  on the outside we looked perfect to him and his friends.  get this
He was off at new years like i was, so he went to a new years party with his friends to a home town bar they all frequent where everyone knows each other and PLAYED THE VIDEO ON ALL THE SCREENS IN THE PLACE! for over a hundred people!  the place was filled with oooos and ahhhhs and ohhhhs.  he said a few of the women there started to cry.
 He said, 'I hope you don't mind, but my friends needed to see that it is worth the effort to build a family"

 me:  WOW!  Hold on...I need to tell everyone

 Mathieu:  proof that our witness speaks loudest when we aren't saying a word

 me:  WOW! That is beautiful! We had to watch it again!  
Where is this guy from?

 Mathieu:  Mississippi

 me:  Cool
That is amazing!  LOL

 Mathieu:  indeed.
i was touched by that testimony

 me: Me too. TGBTG (To God be the glory!)  Hey...we were ministering in a BAR???  How ironic!  HAHA!

 Mathieu:  he said he will be going back to his old rig next hitch and will be telling the guys there too. he said he can't stop talking about it to people he knows
'yeah, bar ministry

 me:  Oh my goodness! 

My sister's response to this email I sent her...

"Oh my goodness!! That is such an amazing story!! How cool!! You guys are missionaries!! Just by being you! Love it!  God has a great sense of humor and truly can do all things thru Christ who strengthen us!"

Love you all,

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